Deep fried eggplant balls with tomato and creamy cheese

Creamed cod with deep fried chickpeas and his sauce

Crunchy octopus flavored with thyme with mashed potatoes and fried onion

Burrata with fresh truffle

Shrimp with pink sauce and mushrooms

Onion flan with creamy pecorino cheese and truffle

Poached egg rossini style

Wild boar ham with ricotta cheese and fruit

First course

Linguine with clams

Gnocchetti with pepperoni sauce, peach and hazelnut grain

Pappardelle with boar sauce*

Gragnano spaghetti with tomato sauce, burrata and basil

Risotto with shrimps and basil sauce

Taglierini with black truffle

Tortelli with duck sauce

Second course

Seabass with tomatoes, potatoes, onion and capers

Milanese di vitella con concassè di pomodorini e basilico

Gamberi* al curry con riso pilaf

-Curry shrimps with rice

Beef cheek with endive and sweet potatoes purèe

Beef fillet Rossini

Beef tartare with potato

Fiorentina style T-Bone steak with roast potatoes

Chateaubriand with bearnaise sauce served with roast potatoes

Side dish

Fennel and orange salad

Peacock style salad

Roast potatoes

Spinach salad with pecorino cheese and pomegranate

(In case of allergies require allergen menù).
*The product could be frozen or knocked down.