Cantabrian anchovies with butter and bread 12€

Marinated shrimp with boiled artichokes and mustard mayonnaise* 16€

Tuscan prosciutto with chicken liver patè flavoured with vin santo and artichokes in oil 16€

Burrata with anchovy and truffle 15€

Onion flan with creamy pecorino cheese and truffle 14€

Shrimp tartare with oil flavoured with basil* 15€

Broccoli flan with pumpkin puree, turmeric, chips of topinambur, and ginger powder 14€


Poached egg rossini style 16€

Fried egg with black truffle 14€

Omelette with potatoes and fennel 12€

Beans soup with sausage and turnip 12€


Beans soup with sausage and turnip 14€

Tortellini with porcini broth 12€

First course

Pappardelle with boar sauce 14€

Pici with rabbit ragù 15€

Homemade spaghetti with vegetables sauce with cheese and crumble of pistachios 14€

Mezzelune with squid ink, cream of shellfish and cognac* 18€

Risotto with white onion cream, truffle flavoured potatoes and chocolate chips 22€

Taglierini with Norcia black truffle 30€

Pecorino tortelli with stracciatella burrata and truffle 20€

Second course

Beef stew flavoured with tuscan spices served with beans 22€

Rum flavoured quails with broccoli and sweet and sour onions 22€

Beef fillet Rossini 35€

Beef fillet under a pecorino fondue 30€

Beef tartare with potato chips 28€

Fiorentina style T-Bone steak 55€/Kg

Chateaubriand with bernese sauce served with roast potatoes (min. 2 ppl.) 70€

Curry shrimps with pilaf rice* 22€

Peacock style salmon served with crunchy vegetables 25€

Side dish

Zolfini beans 8€

Peacock style salad 9€

Fried vegetables 8€

Roast potatoes 8€


Selection of cheeses with fruit mustard 15€

Blue cheese with honey 10€

Coperto (cover charge) 3 €

(In case of allergies require allergen menù).
*The product could be frozen or knocked down.