Osteria del Pavone

Restaurant Cocktail Bar

Via del Pavone, 1
50125 - Florence

+39 055 268134
+39 345 3939540

Discover our New Year's Eve menu

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Together with the vast selection of the best liqueurs and spirits,
cocktails are the main characters of our bar: from classic to our own signature cocktails.

A dynamic and innovative menu still respects tradition,
combining delicate flavors with great harmony.



Our kitchen

Experience and passion push us in our search for the best quality ingredients our territory has to offer,
with great attention to seasonal foods, creating the ideal passage from our Tuscan tradition towards fresh, original and imaginative dishes.


Cocktail Bar

In addition to the best liqueurs and spirits, our cocktails reign supreme: from the classics to our signature cocktails. Our collaboration with the Antique Pharmacy of Santa Maria Novella, a Florentine excellence since 1612, has found their ultimate expression in our signature cocktails.

Our wine cellar

Our wine cellar selection, carefully chosen by our sommelier Gianni Morosini, reflects our interest in providing the highest quality while respecting nature.
Our wine list, which boasts over 300 labels (from organic to biodynamic, to natural wines produced in the old-fashioned way, for a complete eno-gastronomic experience), includes the most prestigious vineyards as well as those lesser known labels which produce wine with great passion and respect for nature. An unusual kind of wine list which tends towards rediscovery of wine’s true flavor.
Many of the labels chosen by Gianni are free from pesticides, insecticides and fungicides on the vine, produced without select yeasts, excessive use or even any use of solphytes.